Natural Building

In harmony with Nature

Inspirational and innovative house designs using natural and local materials that minimize environmental impact. These eco-homes bring you into direct connection with nature and the elements. The principal construction material is Compressed Earth Blocks (CEB), using hydraulic compression to fabricate blocks from earth. Homes build with earth have a high thermal mass – they stay cool in the summer, and warm in the winter, and the walls breathe, so the air and moisture levels are perfect for living.

Compressed Earth Blocks (CEB)

Ancestral tradition integrated with innovation

Cork insulation

The perfect choice for Portugal

Timber floors and roofs

From sustainably sourced forestry

Grey water recycling

Using natural reed beds for cleansing the water and returning it for irrigation

Natural Swimming Pools

Using biological filtration


And solar thermal technology for heating and cooling


And hydro-turbine technology for energy generation